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The Ultimate Guide to a Sonos Home Theatre

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a home theatre setup that’s right for your budget, space, and viewing habits—from choosing the right soundbar, to adding deep impact bass, to creating a complete 5.1 surround sound setup.

Lunar White Move: A Conversation with Sonos's Design Director of Colour, Material, Finish

Move in Lunar White – Months of research, formulating, and testing for a hue that's key in the Sonos experience.

The Making of Move: How We Made Our New Portable Speaker Ready for the Outdoors

Meet Sonos Mechanical Engineer Camille Zaba, one of the engineers who helped design and test Sonos Move, and see the rigorous testing process her team put the speaker through to ensure its durability for life outside the lab.

I Got a Sonos Arc and Then Didn’t Leave My Home for Weeks. Here’s What Happened.

Our Global Head of Editorial, Steven Saftig, managed to get his hands on the new Sonos Arc right before we temporarily closed our offices. He couldn’t stop talking about our newest soundbar, so we finally told him to just write a blog post about it.

Arc’s Stealth Superpower

Arc’s advanced internal components ensure that the listening experience when you step away from the screen is as dynamic and engaging as when you’re in front of it.

Your Social Life Is Now Streaming. How Does It Sound?

Fitness classes. Concerts. Happy hours. Religious services. School. It’s all streaming now. Here’s how to use Beam to experience your social life with the sound it deserves.

Sound at Home with Sonos: Part 3

We've come to our third and final instalment of this blogpost series!

This week, we're focusing on the area of Sound and Relationships: in particular, how with Sonos, you can have sound relationships (pun intended)!


Sound at Home with Sonos: Part 2

Sleep is not just for the weak. In fact, not getting enough sleep is probably what’s making you weak. So how do you get better rest? With music, of course! Read on for 3 ways that music on Sonos can help you get uninterrupted, quality sleep.

Sound at Home with Sonos: Part 1

It's mid-February already, and we just need to ask: how are your 2020 #health resolutions coming along? If you are making progress, well done! But if not... we've got some tips for ya!

Did you know music's a great way to get you started and to keep you going on your fitness journey?

Playbar, Playbase or Beam. Which is the best Sonos speaker for your TV?

Which is the best Sonos soundbar? We've done the hard work for you and compared the Beam, Playbar and Playbase.

Architect Barbara Bestor on How Listening Inspires Her Creative Life

Architect Barbara Bestor on How Listening Inspires Her Creative Life Barbara Bestor has designed spaces for rock stars and underprivileged music students alike. Here’s how music and listening weaves throughout her life at home and in the office. For an artist known…

Overcoming Tragedy, United Borders is Empowering Youth Through Music-Making

The London-based nonprofit and Sonos Soundwaves partner is rolling onward with its mission to empower youth through music after arson struck its bus-turned-recording studio last year.   Parked on a busy main road in North West London, the United Borders bus is hard to miss. The former public…

Sound and Sustainability: How Sonos is Optimising Its Impact on the World

From more sustainable packaging design to supporting music education, Sonos is tightening its focus on the future. We sat down with Director of Sustainability Mark Heintz to learn about the company’s latest environmental and social impact initiatives.